What will you do when you graduate?

As an Instructional Designer & Technology grad student I had a basic idea of what I would do when I grew up, aka graduate.  As a child I always struggled with school and learning.  I thought in pictures and learned more by doing than following a lecture and reading a book.

During my tenure in higher education running a computer language lab I found that I had a different approach to training the faculty, staff and students on how to use the equipment available to them in the lab.  If someone did not understand what I was trying to tell them I would find different ways to explain it so the person would understand what they were learning.  I was even told that I explained how to do something better than most people.  Because of this I thought I should go into Instructional Design to help more people who are struggling to learn something.

The problem I had was explaining the field to people.  Thanks to fellow student, Nancy Snyder, I read a blog that clearly explains what an Instructional Designer does.  If you want to know or just want something fun to read please go to Tom Kuhlman’s blog at http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/what-everybody-ought-to-know-about-instructional-design/.  I think you will find it as informative and fun to read as I did.


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